All I Want 6pc Eye Brush Colletion


All I Want 6pc Eye Brush Colletion



  1. Double-Sided Angle Brush + Spoolie – Have it both ways with this duo that’s a must for fierce brow looks and iconic winged liner looks.
  2. Smudge Brush – Smoke out that lash line and blend shadows like a boss with these soft bristles that are bomb at diffusing color.
  3. Small Chisel Brush – Ready for a small wonder? Go into detail and get into all the hard-to-reach places with this total babe.
  4. Tapered Crease Brush – Rock a killer crease look with this tapered brush by using the tip for a seamless blend or the flat side for shading.
  5. Line Definer Brush – Put it on the line or create a killer crease with these bristles that are designed for precision eyeliner looks.
  6. Firm Blender Brush – Whatever you’re doing, this blending babe’s got you thanks to the perfect amount of fullness and firmness to create seamless transitions between colors.
  7. Small Glitzy Bag

Bristle Type: Synthetic

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