Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Vol. 2


Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Vol. 2


Shades included:

  • A1* (Shimmer hot pink)
  • A2 (Matte lime yellow)
  • A3 (Shimmer lime)
  • A4* (Shimmer periwinkle)
  • A5 (Shimmer teal)
  • B1 (Matte green with large sparkle that doesn’t alter the formula)
  • B2* (Matte deep periwinkle blue)
  • B3 (Matte jade green)
  • B4* (Matte ultramarine blue)
  • B5 (Matte azure blue)
  • C1 (Multi-shade reflective shimmer champagne)
  • C2 (Matte sky blue with sparkle)
  • C3* (Matte cobalt blue)
  • C4 (Matte Prussian blue)
  • C5* (Matte oxblood)
  • D1 (Multi-reflective green silver)
  • D2* (Matte bold orange)
  • D3* (Matte hot pink)
  • D4 (Matte yellow with large sparkle)
  • D5* (Matte navy blue)
  • E1 (Matte emerald green with large sparkle)
  • E2 (Shimmering amethyst)
  • E3 (Matte teal green)
  • E4* (Matte red brown)
  • E5* (Matte black)

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