25A Copper Spice Eyeshadow Palette


25A Copper Spice Eyeshadow Palette


25 shades that’ll take you places
These crazy-creamy, powerfully pigmented, beyond-blendable earthy eyeshadows fit in perfectly with your non-stop lifestyle. Grab ’em and go, Morphe Babe.
(Finish: matte and shimmer)

Row 1: Overcast, Sand Dollar, Penne, Layered, Sunrise
Row 2: Nickel, Lit, Tan Lines, Mojave, Sweet Mango
Row 3: Afterlife, Oasis, Version, Radar, Chase
Row 4: Foxy, Rose Gold, Polished, Sunbeam, Ember
Row 5: Brass, Just Shadow, Suede, Destination, Unveil

Dimensions of Palette: Length – 6″ / Width – 6″ / Thickness – 1/2″ / Number of Pans: 25 / Pan Size: 1″

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